Peaceful Days begin with Intention.

    To begin, I am not a fan of the word, morning. I prefer phrases like "sunrise, rich rising, beautiful rising", etc. These terms bring much more uplifting and beautiful energy to begin each blessed day. We get to open our eyes! With each beautiful rising, you can usually find me walking my fur-baby while starting my peaceful meditation. To start my day with finding much peace, solitude, love, and PURE gratitude, makes a world of a difference to how the rest of it unfolds. 

    I'm a firm believer in how you start each beautiful rising greatly affects and sets a tone for each day and that a peaceful awakening will unfold into a more peaceful day. A chaotic awakening will unfold into a more complex day. One of my best girlfriend’s always had these rushed and busy starts to her day. Being such a go-getter, she loves to fill her schedule, keeping herself busy doing anything to help herself grow and improve. Waking up before the sun, the birds, and the millionaires she would be up at 4:30 and on her way to the gym. After the gym she would rush home, make an amazing looking breakfast (which was always sent over Snapchat) and rush to get ready for her day. TBH, I’m constantly amazed by this woman. She has such drive and I am always inspired by it. Yet around this time in life, she would always call me and tell me how she feels like she is so rushed and exhausted throughout her days. After some talking to figure out what changes would make a difference in her day, she switched  her wake-up routine, adding peace and mindfulness. Changing the time you workout, treating yourself to that smoothie bowl, not going on your phone the first hour of being awake, these things make a difference. Big or small changes both make a difference in the bigger picture. Going back to - a peaceful awakening, unfolds a more peaceful day.

I would be a complete liar if I told you I have always been like this, or that I do this every single day without struggle. We are only human. There are harder days than others. There are sunrises that I wake up to and have the hardest time, feeling so silly, saying all these positive affirmations and manifestations. Trying my best with mindfulness and self-love, even though I may be struggling through it, it makes a difference in my day. There is a major difference throughout the days that are too rushed, too busy to begin with a peaceful awakening. Each sunrise this ritual (meditation) is done, I become filled with more and more gratefulness, more pure intention, more love. The more it’s done, the better each day gets. Starting with 3 things that you are truly grateful for is one of the best and easiest ways to make a small change towards a peaceful awakening and towards “LIVINGOOD”. 

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