Hello everyone! What a whirlwind the last few years have been…those of us still surviving it feels like it just flew by!

We’ve taken the time to really fine tune and craft all of our products. You’ve spoken and we’ve listened. If anything has been consistent in the last few years it’s stress! Stress holds in the body creating tension, pain, and inflammation. That’s why have been working so hard to create products that can help specifically that!

When we originally launched Livingood products, it was a learning curve. So many manufacturers wanted to dilute our products or add their “base” to cut costs at your expense. They were filled with chemicals, fillers, & un-necessary additives that just didn’t work, nor help.

We decided to close the brick and mortar Livingood spa, and really focus on making the finest high quality products because you deserve it. Most companies don’t even know all the ingredients in their product they just sign away and distribute and it’s a numbers game to them. To us it’s always been about the quality. We live our brand, and if we wouldn’t use it…we won’t sell it.

It’s important for us to utilize God given nature to heal us. We’re exposed to so many chemicals daily and we just didn’t want to be one more. Not to mention how the body absorbs majority of these through the skin, the largest organ of the body.

We’re no stranger to pain, after over a decade in the industry for pain management through massage therapy and other therapies like Gyrotonics, we know how important it is to feed good. Once you manage the pain & inflammation you can start LIVINGOOD, and we’re here to help!

The main focus in all our products after being pure, raw & natural, is to combat inflammation. Once the inflammation is under control, the pain is manageable. We spent countless years of research on specific ingredients that we tested time and time again, and the feedback even surprised us, as well as exceeded our expectations!

Whether it’s fast acute pain & tension relief, or long term chronic pain relief you seek, we have a product for it all.

When we started LIVINGOOD, we struggled with pain ourselves, so we felt naturally connected to our clients searching for relief. Between back pain, from scoliosis to herniated discs, joint pain, to rheumatoid arthritis and fibermyalgia… we understood it, because we lived it ourselves daily. We created the products, not only for our clients, but ourselves! Using nature to search for ways to help relieve and heal our own bodies and share the goodness with all our clients.

We can’t wait to share our products with you!

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